Is your team flexing their creative muscle?

Is your team flexing their creative muscle?

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During a recent corporate workshop involving art, a team member came up to me and said, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body”, to which I replied “that’s right, creativity is like a muscle and you’re in the creative gym to flex it!”

It is not uncommon to hear this when people start to create art or do an activity that takes them out of their comfort zone of logic and into the unknown territory of creating magic. Creativity is not even a muscle, it’s a function of parts of the brain that get activated by creative pursuit. So the act of creating can literally make you more intelligent. Wouldn’t you want that for your team? 

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When one is involved in novel tangible or intangible forms of creative activities like painting, cooking, design, writing poetry or even dancing, we train our brain to create new neural pathways and these become stronger with repetition until the behaviour becomes a habit. Not only do we end up expanding the percentage of the brain being used, we also engage the prefrontal cortex properties which support complex human abilities such as planning, executive reasoning, problem solving and abstract thinking.

Engaging in creativity enhances a whole brain thinking pattern along with heightened satisfaction and a clear path to cohesion and innovation. With so many proven outcomes of introducing creativity, is your team flexing enough of their creative muscle?

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